Educational Research and Development Programme (ERDP) aims to participate in raising the standards of education and learning inspired by longstanding traditions, and by introducing new approaches and practices to accommodate the educational context.


The Programme works to apply educational practices that allow children to search, imagine, discover, inquire and express, as well as to create a vision for future generations that gives emphasis to freedom in all its forms.  It engages directly with schoolteachers to develop their skills and knowledge as well as to encourage reflection on their profession to improve learning conditions for their pupils. The Programme adopts a research orientated approach based on direct educational practices through continuous professional development programmes in the fields of drama in education, early childhood, science education, project-based learning, images, animation and cinema in education among others.


The Programme regularly organises research seminars, conferences and study days. It operates in several locations, including the Teachers’ Centre in Nilin and teacher forums across the country. It further provides library services through its specialised libraries in Gaza and Ramallah, issues the quarterly “Ru’a Tarbawiya” educational journal and other educational and research publications, and runs a programme for translations in the field of education.


In 2011, the Programme launched the Walid and Helen Kattan Science Education Project, an ambitious programme focused on science education in Palestine through the professional development of teachers, extra-curricular activities and scientific literacy initiatives. The Programme has also completed a comprehensive study on the establishment of an interactive science centre in Palestine.