AMQF Receives Science Studio Equipments


AMQF recently received from Al-Jaffal Group for Trade & Investment a number of machines and tools for the Exhibit Manufacturing Workshop at the Science Studio, which is located in the Ramallah Recreational Complex. The Foundation received the shipment in two installments, and the last one is expected to arrive in the coming few days.


The shipment included machines and tools for cutting and working wood, plastic and various types of metal. This equipment will be used in designing and building interactive science exhibits.



Exhibit construction is planned to begin in the Studio on April 20 according to set schedules. In the future, the Studio will also be open to creators to use for developing and implementing their ideas with the help of its team. 


The Science Studio is a joint project between AMQF and the Ramallah Municipality, for which the latter provided a venue in the Ramallah Recreational Complex.