Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Programme is part of the wider Teachers’ Professional Development Programme. It aims to activate the role of kindergarten teachers as producers of knowledge, and empower them with the skills needed to make connections in the classroom between science and other disciplines, including the arts, literature and the humanities.

The starting point for the Early Childhood Programme is a belief that working collaboratively with children offers an opportunity to study directly the ways in which they build knowledge, and to understand their perspectives on the world in which they live. This leads to a deeper understanding of the teaching and learning process.

The Centre provides teachers with educational options and expertise on how to get children excited about learning. The Centre’s goals are to help create a rich and meaningful educational experience for children in Palestine, and to engage teachers in a dialogue about childhood education within a wider social and cultural context.

Using Moodle

Moodle is a virtual forum for pedagogical discussion and debate, and an open-source tool for helping teachers develop lesson plans. A link to Moodle can be found on the Early Childhood Education website, which was established as part of the Early Childhood Project. The website also offers the most current project information, and helps early childhood educators stay in contact with the project team.