Gaza: CCG Launches Summer 2017 Activities


The Child Centre - Gaza (CCG) of the A. M. Qattan Foundation (AMQF) launched Summer 2017 events, including cultural, artistic, scientific and technological activities, courses and programmes targeting both children and their parents.


Titled Beit Byout (Playing House), Summer 2017 events coincided with the school summer break. These were tailored to create cultural and intellectual spaces through activities, courses and programmes which provided an enabling environment for children during the summer break.


A large number of children and parents have visited the CCG to engage in the Centre’s activities and courses. This year, the CCG offers a new collection of cultural, artistic, scientific and technological courses. Most notably, these included Kung Fu for Boys and Girls, Tharif al-Toul, A Circus Tent, Ballet, Aerobics, Arduino, The Little Filmmaker, Sketch up, Under the Microscope, Lego Science, Space Challenge Robot, Basics of Painting, Graphic Design, etc.


A variety of activities include the Hakawati (storytelling), The Shadow of Tales, Cultural Competitions, Birds of Knowledge, I Read and Play with my Child, Fab Lab, Chess, Hand in Hand, Ta’ziz (Promotion), Popular Games, A Profession and a Handcraft, Countries and Cultures, Fly, Fly Kite, Decoration, Ornamentations, and other physical activities and thinking games. In addition, technological activities feature Little Bits and Lab-I-Code.


Activities also continue to be implemented by the CCG clubs, including the Literature Club, English Language Club, Performing Arts Club, Choir, Web Designers Club, Programmers Club, Science Club, and Little Painters Club.


Summer 2017 events go beyond the CCG premises through the Child Friendly Spaces and Mobile Library Bus projects.


Beit Byout (Playing House) activities are scheduled to run until August 2017.