Gaza: For the First Time, CCG Organises a Chess Tournament in Cooperation with the Palestine Chess Federation


The Child Centre - Gaza (CCG) of the A. M. Qattan Foundation (AMQF) organised the first chess tournament in cooperation with the Palestine Chess Federation. Launched at the CCG building on 19 August 2017, the tournament brought together 62 male and female children, aged 9 to 15 years.


At the end of the chess tournament, results were announced in the presence of the participating children and their parents. Certificates were distributed to all participants. Cups, medals and chessboards were awarded to the five winners.



14-year-old Hiba Abu Sharar scored first in the chess tournament. “I am so proud and happy for this victory. I have a passion for chess because it is a game of intelligence and tactics. By this game, I have learned to be ready for each step, how to respond, and to be prepared. I have also learned to set goals and plans.”  Hiba said.


Dr. Wael al-Masri, Deputy Chairman of the Palestine Chess Federation, stated: “I would like to thank the CCG for the role it plays in developing children’s capacities and attaching special important to chess. The game has a positive impact, improving children’s intelligence and developing some qualities like resilience, patience and creative thinking.”


Mr. Issa Saba, board member of the Christian Youth Association - Gaza and Director of the Canaan Education Centre, stated: “As the Christian Youth Association is a key partner of the AMQF in the chess tournament, we are proud and happy to see the cubs and brownies of Palestine competing today and winning cups and awards in this a festive atmosphere. This is not a new for the CCG, which always seeks to engage children in cultural, artistic, scientific and technological events in all CCG programmes.”


About the chess tournament, Nehaia Abu Nahla, CCG Director, said: “The main goal of the tournament is to stimulate children to think creatively and acquire needed skills in chess. There are no losers in this tournament. Every child who participated in the tournament was a winner. Children learned new skills and made new friends.”