For a Happy Childhood

The project is jointly funded with the Welfare Association, and aims to raise the quality of services provided by those working in the early childhood sector, by training them in an integrative approach to education.

The project is one of the strategic priorities supported by the Welfare Association in the field of early childhood in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, pre-1948 Occupied Palestine, and the Palestinian camps in Lebanon.

There are four organizations that have worked collectively to implement the project: The Al-Tufula Centre in Nazareth, the A.M. Qattan Foundation through the Qattan Centre for the Child in Gaza, the Early Childhood Resource Center in Jerusalem, and the Arab Resource Workshop in Beirut.

The project aims to achieve the following outcomes:

1-    Develop the administrative capabilities of those working in the early childhood sector.

2-    Develop the professional abilities of principals and kindergarten teachers through specialised training in early childhood education.

3-    Create a network of kindergarten teachers to communicate and share their experiences and expertise.

4-    Develop the kindergarten infrastructure across Palestinian communities.

5-    Support and engage parents by establishing parents’ clubs.