Kan Yama Kan Project

The project ran between 15 December 2011 and 31 July 2012. It was targeted at orphans between the ages of four and eighteen, who had lost their parents or guardians during the Israeli aggression against Gaza in 2010, and children under the age of six and their mothers.

The project, which was jointly funded with Abraaj Capital through the Welfare Association, and implemented in partnership with the El Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation, aimed to improve the lives of children by encouraging a love of reading, entertaining them, and creating a relaxed environment where they could learn a variety of everyday skills and develop a sense of self-worth, belonging, and national pride. The project also aimed at strengthening the relationships between mothers and children living in different areas of Gaza.

The project’s main activities included:

-     Heritage art shows.

-     Day trips for children under the age of six and their mothers.

-     For children aged seven to fifteen; space for reading, storytelling, arts and crafts, cultural activities, traditional Palestinian songs and games, traditional Palestinian cuisine, swimming, horseback and camel rides, trips to archeological sites and entertainment venues, and learning about traditional professions and national industries.

-     For children aged sixteen to eighteen; collecting and documenting oral history and trips to entertainment venues and archeological sites.