Let’s Perform for Children: Qattan Grants for Performing Arts

The Qattan Foundation believes that art made for children should be done to the highest standard possible. To this end the Foundation has established a new source of funding, the Let’s Perform for Children, dedicated to establishing standards of excellence in children’s art. The grant is part of the Performing Arts Development Project, launched in 2008, and jointly funded by the Ford Foundation.

The grant is for performance projects (theatrical, musical, dance, circus…etc) that target children as their audience or as participants, and is comprised of a two-fold funding stream. Firstly, a production grant to cover the costs of production, diffusion, and touring. Secondly, to support specialist technical and artistic training programmes that will help develop skills across the children’s arts and entertainment industry. 

General objectives
  •  Increase the number and quality of performing art productions that target children.
  •  Increase children’s access to and appreciation of the performing arts.
  •  Provide professional development opportunities for performing arts practitioners working with children.


In 2012/ 2013 the project will award the following grants:


1- Production and Diffusion Grants:

Grants are offered on a competitive basis, to individuals and groups, to support new productions, whether live performances or recorded (e.g. on CD or DVD), in addition to covering touring costs of the production for up to ten stops, with a focus on touring performances to remote or deprived areas where children and students under the age of 18 will have an opportunity to get involved. Grants for both organisations and individuals will be offered through legally registered organisations that are active in the sector.


2-Specialist Training Grants:

Grants are offered on a competitive basis, to individuals and groups or bands, to participate in technical and artistic training workshops or intensive training programmes that build professional capacities across the children’s performing arts sector, with a specific focus on building relevant technical skills.