Mother "Nermin" and the Kindergarten Programme

Nermin is a mother of three. She married at an early age and commenced university study and work after her children were born. Nermin was able to create a space for her personal development in spite of the heavy responsibilities she shouldered. Nermin says: "After I had to leave work for over two years due to the internal political conditions in Gaza, I started feeling that I was losing all the achievements I had accomplished little by little. After my life was arranged between the house, the children and work, I started facing difficulties in managing everyday problems related to my children, especially my young son who is enrolled at a private kindergarten."

Nermin joined the kindergarten programme at the Qattan Centre for the Child in December 2010 to take part in joint activities with her child and to learn more about child development, hoping to change something in the behaviour of her child, who would cry persistently. Nermin learned an alternative approach after attending meetings on child development. Determined to find out the reason for her child’s continuous crying, she committed to an intervention plan to solve the problem with the assistance of the kindergarten. She says: "Three months after joining the programme at the Centre, I saw substantial improvement in my son’s problem. He started going to the kindergarten without crying as well as getting involved in parties and picnics with his peers. Improvement was evident in him taking part in playing, dancing and other activities. On a personal level, I started marking on my calendar the day I am supposed to come to the Centre because, through my participation with the Centre and its programme, I regained my energy and rediscovered my abilities."