Narrating Gaza

The Narrating Gaza website aims to serve as an incubator for a variety of written and visual contributions and diverse human narratives coming from the Gaza Strip, other parts of Palestine and the rest of the world. Almost all of these contributions deal directly or indirectly with the brutal aggression launched by Israel on Gaza in the winter of 2008 and its aftermath. The website will be a platform for encouraging people, whether they be writers, artists, or ordinary people both young and old - to contribute to the writing of contemporary Palestinian history. It also aims to motivate people to actively participate in the production of their own history by telling their own stories and narratives and relating their personal experiences. It hopes therefore that such a historic and tragic event can be the catalyst for a multitude of observations, contemplations and documentations and that the website will provide a space to reflect on that painful experience in creative and imaginative ways, making these contributions available to all.

The views of all the contributions on this website don’t necessarily reflect the views of the A. M. Qattan Foundation as initiator and owner of the Narrating Gaza website project.