Nilin Teacher Centre

The Ni’lin Teachers’ Centre has a mission to extend the educational and cultural horizons of local teachers by providing them with valuable educational resources, involving them in projects, and hosting cultural events. The Centre also creates a connection between the Qattan Centre and teachers working across 11 areas in Palestine. Several of the Centre’s activities introduce teachers to new methodologies, and ways of developing their professional skills.

The Centre aims to create a meaningful discourse with teachers. This is achieved in part by providing them with an educational and cultural haven, where they can develop their skills and discover ways to be proactive within their communities.

The Centre also gives teachers the opportunity to share their experiences with each other and their community.

The initiative to establish a Teachers’ Centre in Ni’lin first came from the Qattan Centre for Research and Educational Development.

The Teachers’ Centre aims to:

  • Provide a space for the Qattan Foundation’s culture and arts activities and events, and to help develop initiatives for teachers and their local communities.
  • Provide a space for local teachers to meet and share skills and experiences, and interact with their community.
  • Provide training for teachers to lead programmes for other teachers, in order to extend the network of educational professionals engaged with the Qattan Centre for Educational Research and Development.
  • Make resources available to teachers, including an education library.
  • Organise educational and cultural activities for teachers, students, their parents, and the wider community.
  • Establish a website where local teachers can share their experiences with each other, and with other teachers involved in Qattan Centre initiatives.
  • Organise local activities with the Qattan Centre and other partner organisations.
  • Distribute Qattan Centre publications to local education professionals.
  • Expand the network of teachers involved with the Qattan Centre, and get as many educators as possible using its resources and programmes.


Ni’lin Teachers’ Centre Library

Located in the Ni’lin Teachers’ Centre, the library contains more than 200 educational books in Arabic and English, in addition to a number of publications by the Qattan Centre for Educational Research and Development, such as Ru'a Tarbawiyya magazine. Other local and international Arabic and educational magazines are also available.

The library holds more than 200 films from the Interactive Simulation Project, as well as science education films. These are provided to get students engaged with interactive media, and give them the opportunity to broaden their understanding of science through the use of accessible technologies such as the internet and mobile phones.