Teacher Exchange

The newly launched Teachers’ Exchange Programme is the first knowledge-sharing initiative of its kind in Palestine. The project encourages Palestinian and British early education teachers to share their experiences and work together to develop their skills. The main focus is to help teachers find meaningful ways to use drama as an educational tool, guided by the principles of the Mantle of the Expert Approach

The Teachers’ Exchange Programme happens over three stages. Initially, British and Palestinian teachers will work together remotely for several month in order to devise a clear and flexible lesson plan. British teachers will then visit Palestinian schools, with the aim of developing and implementing the lesson plan. Finally, Palestinian teachers will visit British schools to implement the lesson plan, while also discovering more about the early education system in Britain.

The project includes a series of meetings, seminars and workshops in both Palestine and Britain, where participants can present their achievements and evaluate their experiences. These sessions also provide teachers with an opportunity to discuss their pedagogical methods.

Six Palestinian schools were chosen to participate in the first exchange programme. They are: Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi in Jerusalem, Civil Care in Jerusalem, Jiljilya in the District of Ramallah, Bir Nabala Girls Basic School, Al Mustaqbal School, and Saint Joseph’s School in Ramallah. Six British schools were also chosen to participate.