New Building: Cultural Centre & Palestine Office

The Foundation is currently establishing a new building in Ramallah to house its administrative and programmatic operations, and to serve as a multi-facetted cultural venue. The new building has a total area of 7,730m² and is the first building registered with the Palestinian Higher Green Building Council. 


With an investment of over $15 million, the Foundation hopes the building’s design will inspire the architecture of future public venues in Palestine. The building also aspires to become a beacon of science and knowledge, an oasis of cultural interaction and innovation and an incubator for creators. 



The new building will include a number of public facilities: a library, multipurpose hall, gallery, fine arts studio, performing arts studio, small theatre (120 people), resource development studio, training rooms, model classroom, restaurant and terrace. The Foundation is currently developing a “Public Programme” that will utilise its new building facilities and will have an outreach component.