Partnership for Development Project

Through its Outreach Services Programme (OSP), the QCC has been running a Partnership for Development project, jointly funded with Drosos Foundation (Switzerland), to support the Al Maghazi Community Rehabilitation Society (MCRS).

The QCC is sharing its expertise in childhood development, children’s libraries, and children’s cultural, arts, and pedagogical programmes, and is helping to develop the MCRS staff’s administrative and IT skills. The project is also helping to improve the MCRS’s library by refurbishing the interior, growing its book collection, and updating its computer systems. The project's budget amounts to $480,120 ($362,850 from Drosos Foundation and $117,270 from the A.M. Qattan Foundation).

The project goals include:

-    Doubling the library area, developing the multipurpose hall, and establishing a computer lab.

-    Providing the library with an additional 11,000 books.

-    Establishing a dedicated cultural programme beginning in the first year of the project and ending in the fourth year.

-    Recruiting five staff members on a four-year contract, and equipping them to establish and run a programme of cultural activities at the MCRS.