Qattan Fund for Performing Arts

The Qattan Fund for Performing Arts was established to carry forward the Performing Arts Project launched by CAP in 2008, with joint funding from the Ford Foundation. The aim is to create opportunities for new culture and arts initiatives, especially the performing arts, and develop knowledge, and technical and artistic skills of those working in these disciplines.

The Fund dedicates significant resources to the performing arts (theatre, dance, music, singing, circus, etc), while also maintaining the Qattan Foundation’s commitment to other activities. Over the first three years 50 different grants have been awarded, totaling nearly $500,000 USD.

The new Qattan Fund for Performing Arts (2011-2013) has also provided an additional $190,000 in grants in order to have a greater impact within the sector. There are two categories of grants. The first is a production grant package that includes capacity building, promotion and touring, and documentation of new productions in the performing arts. The second is a specialist training grant to assist individuals and organisations working in the performing arts.

  • Develop the professional and technical skills of those working in the performing arts, especially in specialist areas that are new to Palestine.
  • Increase the number and quality of performing arts productions across Palestine.
  • Increase practical training opportunities for beginners and professionals.
  • Better represent the performing arts at Arab and international festivals and on other art platforms.
  • Grow the performing arts audience across Palestine, especially outside the central West Bank area and in remote or deprived areas, as well as at schools and universities.
  • Foster communication and collaboration among artists across Palestine, encouraging the exchange of ideas and sharing of available resources.
Types of Grants
  • Grants for Producing, Touring,and Documenting New Works

CAP offers a grant with three-fold support for new performing arts productions, whether live or recorded (e.g. on DVD or CD). Firstly, the grant helps fund the development of the production; secondly, it helps with promotion and touring costs, especially for productions that visit remote or deprived areas, as well as schools and universities. Lastly, the grant covers the cost of documenting the work, either by having it professionally filmed for TV and/orDVD, or publishing any text or additional visual materials in book form.


  • Specialist Training Grants

These grants are for specialist technical or artistic training workshops, as well as intensive training programmes that help build a solid base of professional knowledge across the performing arts, especially in technical areas such as lighting design, scenography, sound design, and special effects, etc.

  •   CAP is not obliged to consider any application that is incomplete, that does not satisfy the application criteria and/or is not submitted with all the required forms.       
  •  Grants may not cover all costs if the project does not fulfill all of the necessary artistic and/or technical criteria.

Application Due Dates

The final date for submitting applications to CAP is 10 February 2012. Grant and award recipients will be announced on 11 April 2012. All projects should be completed and final financial and administrative reports submitted by 15 March 2013 at the latest.


For more information about the application criteria, please contact Maha Hamuri-Ghosheh. Email:

Tel: 02-2960544