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Children at CCG meet with Palestinian-Australian-Canadian writer Samah Sabawi


the Child Centre - Gaza (CCG) of the A. M. Qattan Foundation organised a literary encounter via Skype with Palestinian-Australian-Canadian writer Samah Sabawi, resident in Canada. The encounter brought together Sabawi with members of the English Club. 


The encounter was designed to introduce Sabawi’s literary experience, present her major poetic works and theatrical productions, and discuss her play Tales of a City by the Sea. The latter is an outcome of a collection of poems authored and considered by Sabawi as the reason why the play was “born”.



Sabawi commended the children’s fluency in English as well as the informed questions they raised. She also advised the children to read extensively to help them to produce solid literary texts. Sabawi stressed the need for an inspiring writer. She revealed that her father Abdul Karim Sabawi, a Palestinian novelist himself, encouraged her to proceed with her literary career.


The English Club of CCG seeks to create an enabling environment to help children to exercise, express themselves in English, and promote their various capacities and talents. To do so, the club implements a variety of activities, notably promotion of reading, creative writing and oration.



The Encounters Programme allows an opportunity to encourage children to read and express themselves in English by communicating with inspiring literary figures around the world. The programme also introduces children to other cultures.