Friday, 30-11-2007
The Programme sponsored the participation of the Palestinian National Theatre in the Carthage Theatre Festival in Tunisia, with two performances of the play Jiddariyyah (30 November – 8 December).
Friday, 30-11-2007
The Programme has supported six theatre performances in Gaza, Khan Yunis and Beit Hanoun for children of the play Story Is by Basma Institute for Culture & Arts – Gaza, in cooperation with the UNRWA. The Programme also sponsored six theatre performances of the play Ghandoura...
Thursday, 29-11-2007
As part of the activity Your Health is the World , trainer Mohammed Al-Battah arranged two meetings that dealt with the special issue of public health. 27 children of primary and secondary school age took part in the activity.
Monday, 26-11-2007
In “Play & Discover”, Coordinator Manar Al-Azayzah, the human body was introduced to 18 children, all under age of six. In Behaviors , participants were taught the difference between healthy habits and abstaining from the wrong ones, under the supervision of the Raghda Al-...
Saturday, 24-11-2007
As part of our new annual course by researcher Nay Shomar on the topic of Evaluation Based on the Curriculum for Special Needs Students, six sessions were carried out with participating teachers throughout the past two months. Teachers focused on student groups with special...

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