Tuesday, 31-03-2009
On 31st March, the Foundation hosted a meeting for members of various cultural and arts organizations in Palestine to discuss ways in which the network can be revived and broadened. The meeting aimed to reach a broad body of cultural and arts organizations in Palestine, ...
Thursday, 26-03-2009
The Centre organized an entire school day around the theme of optimism and pessimism entitled: “Emotional Intelligence: Optimism and Pessimism and their Relationship to School Achievement” as part of a research study by Liana Jaber and Maha Qur'an. Thirty teachers and experts...
Wednesday, 25-03-2009
14-year old Taqwa Al-Ghoul wrote her story “Politics and I” as part of the C entre's creative writing activity for gifted children.
Tuesday, 24-03-2009
Emergency educational and entertainment programmes have continued to take place in Gaza after the war. These activities include drawing, games, drama, storytelling, puppet shows, and film and music screenings. They have reached over 380 children.
Tuesday, 24-03-2009
In the context of solidarity campaigns with the Gaza Music School whose headquarters were entirely demolished during the latest Israeli war on Gaza, friends, artists, musicians and members of various organizations around the world, including from Germany, Sweden, the UK and the...

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