Saturday, 25-04-2009
A teacher's training workshop was held on the 25th of April for primary school English language teachers under the supervision of Belgian professor Marion Gotnik who gave lessons on outreach and creative language teaching.
Thursday, 23-04-2009
Work continues on finalizing the architectural drawings for the Foundation's new Palestine headquarters.
Tuesday, 21-04-2009
The Foundation's Annual Board Meetings were held on 21 and 22 April 2009 at the Mosaic Rooms, London in the presence of members of the Board and some members of the Management Committee. A video-conferencing connection made it possible for colleagues in Gaza to partake fully in...
Sunday, 19-04-2009
29 students took part in the Centre's 2-day training workshop that included theoretical and practical components of how to conduct research. The participants took part in research on children's rights, the role of the atom in the development of scientific research, and the role...
Wednesday, 15-04-2009
This wonderful support enabled the Gaza Music School to celebrate the opening of its new premises on the 15th of April in the “Ambulance Building” which belongs to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. Students resumed their lessons on the 18th of April.

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