Saturday, 30-05-2009
An independent jury looked at seventy-seven applications for the Qattan-Ford Performing Arts Fund 2009 and awarded nineteen grants totalling $170,000. These included production grants, distribution and training grants, as well as support for research, publication and archiving....
Wednesday, 27-05-2009
A five-day workshop was held for nine members of our Librarian Club.
Tuesday, 19-05-2009
The Programme organised Palestine's first international video art and performance festival, a collaborative effort involving more than seven local and two international institutions in Gaza, Jerusalem, Birzeit and Ramallah. Under the title /si:n/, it took place between 19 and 24...
Tuesday, 19-05-2009
Together with the Instant Video association in Marseille, the French Cultural Centres in Ramallah and Gaza City, the Khalil Sakakini C ultural C entre, the Mahatta Gallery, the International Arts Academy in Ramallah, the Ethnographic Arts Museum in Birzeit University, the Al-...
Wednesday, 13-05-2009
The Centre donated 1,200 books to Sakhnin Primary School in the Attara district in northern Gaza. This donation is also part of a fund to rebuild the school library after its demolition during the last war on the Gaza strip.

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