Wednesday, 26-08-2009
To mark the passing of a year since the death of poet Mahmoud Darwish, an evening of poetry readings was held at QCC, introduced by Khaled Jumaa and singer Youssef Abu Dahi who performed some of Darwish's poems set to music.
Tuesday, 25-08-2009
In Gaza, a week of events celebrating the work of deceased writer Ala'a Katibeh, included a play, an exhibition, a short film screening, a poetry reading and a concert.
Sunday, 23-08-2009
A video and animation workshop, entitled Kino Camp was held in Qalqilya with support from the Programme. The workshop was hosted by Qalqilya Cultural Forum and organised by Artists Against the Wall (Belgium). Also supported were the Edward Said National Conservatory of ...
Friday, 21-08-2009
In collaboration wit the Qattan Centre for the Child, four researchers from the Centre in Gaza worked with teachers on various techniques designed to help children of nursery and pre-prep age who are in shock or suffering from trauma, including using art, dance and playing with...
Wednesday, 19-08-2009
A new visual arts residency programme has been established between the Programme and Delfina Foundation in the UK. The selection process for this residency in London is currently underway.

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