Monday, 22-03-2010
Please note that these guidelines are currently only available in Arabic. If you cannot read Arabic and have an enquiry, please write directly to . The document outlines some important...
Monday, 22-03-2010
The architectural drawings for the Foundation's new building in Ramallah have been submitted to the Engineer's and Architect's Union for approval. Detailed drawings are currently being prepared.
Sunday, 21-03-2010
Thousands of children were able to benefit from the Centre's winter break programme which included activities in music, dance, the visual arts and drama. 13,460 books were borrowed for external use during the last two months, in addition to 26,600 books borrowed internally…
Saturday, 20-03-2010
Eighteen teachers from schools in the Qalqilya area took part in a two-day workshop focused on ways of linking curriculum subjects with themes central to human life that are stimulating and challenging for pupils. The workshop was funded by Welfare Association and is part of a...
Tuesday, 02-03-2010
This group of themed programmes was launched by the Centre in February and is due to continue until the end of April. Activities were designed to introduce children to the cultures, customs, food, archaelogical and artistic treasures and natural environments of other countries.

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