Strategic Plan

Strategic Approach 2009 - 2013

  1. The Foundation shall seek to make a positive change in the educational, cultural and artistic fields. This requires a long term investment in both efforts and resources and setting priorities in order to ensure the achievement of the Foundation’s vision and goals. Based on this, impact assessment shall be carried out through evaluating the main benchmarks identified earlier.
  2. The wide and inclusive concept of culture is the base of the Foundation which does not believe in political borders. However, it does not consider itself as ready to launch its work extensively outside Palestine in the coming few years.
  3. The Foundation shall adopt mechanisms to assess all of its functions in which the assessment process would be considered an integral part of the Foundations’ work including setting out indictors and means of verification in advance. 
  4. The Foundation shall exploit the latest information technology systems and integrate them within its various fields of work.
  5. The Foundation considers its human cadre as one of its main resources and a partner in drawing up the Foundation’s strategies and work approaches. The Foundation also regards the development of its human group capabilities as a first necessity to activate its role and achieve its mission.
  6. The Foundation shall build on its self-financed resources through fundraising for external resources and networking in accordance with rules and conditions that ensure independence, integrity and transparency.       
  7. Taking into consideration the specificity of the region particularly in relation to its social, cultural and intellectual facets in the various parts of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and 1948 Palestine, the Foundation shall implement its programs and activities knowing that what works in a certain location does not necessarily succeed in another location.
  8. Effective communication within the Foundation and across the various programs at one level, and with the relevant stakeholders from outside the Foundation at another level. This is considered one of the main strategic issues that the Foundation seeks to realize.