Traditional Palestinian Games Festival

The project was jointly funded with the Welfare Association and ran between August 2010 and the end of February 2011, in partnership with the Culture and Free Thought Association and the Palestinian Association for Development and Heritage Protection.

The project was targeted at children between the ages of four and fifteen, living in the provinces of Northern and Southern Gaza.

The project aimed to:

-      Help educate children about their Palestinian heritage, including traditional games.

-      Support the psychological and social well-being of children.

-      Provide a safe space for children to relax and enjoy themselves.

-      Develop the professional skills of those working at children’s organisations, and educate them about the importance of traditional games in a child’s development.

The project’s main activities were:

-     Providing space for reading, storytelling, traditional Palestinian games, heritage and fine arts, art exhibitions, and visits to the Qattan Centre for the Child.

-     Training courses in traditional Palestinian games for professionals working at children’s organisations.